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Sourcing and bringing on board the right talent is critical to any business. Once you’ve found the right talent, HR Management is crucial to future success, for both the employee and the employer. Getting it wrong can be costly and time consuming.

Nobox can provide you with the following HR Management solutions. You’ll see that we start with the basics and end with the strategic issues. In our experience, clients need help with implementation, making things happen and dealing with emergencies or difficult situations.


We work with you to formulate and implement your HR Policies and contracts.
Staff handbooks. Incorporating policies and procedures relating to:

  • Discipline
  • Grievance
  • Sickness
  • Maternity Leave etc.




The employment legislative landscape is constantly changing – both in Ireland and overseas. Nobox can ensure that your policies and procedures are kept up to date and that you’re aware of changes coming down the track – whether driven by local legislation or EU directives.
Best Practice. Compliance is taken as a given. However, best practice and sometimes “different practice”, can help drive your business forward by unlocking the capabilities of your staff. We do this with our existing clients; usually starting with an opening question – “Is there a better way?”



Clients have access to their own HR partner who can advise on a whole range of issues such as employment law, Industrial Relations and health and safety.
Transformation and change programs are the next step. You’ve identified a major opportunity or indeed a major problem. The implications are significant for the business and everyone who works in it. We can guide you through both the planning process but critically through the implementation phase on the ground. Remember, a good strategy is useless without excellent delivery.

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