Contract Staff

Benefits of our Contract Staff service:

Substantial Savings. With an immediate reduction in overheads alongside our tailored highly competitive rates, you will cut your costs significantly.

Flexibility. With Contract Staff, you can rapidly respond to your changing business requirements. By providing extra support or infusing critical knowledge into your company for a limited period of time, Contract Staff can provide you with flexibility to deal with situations as they arise.

Reduce Hiring Risk. Hiring a new employee can become a rather large investment. By providing Contract Staff, Nobox takes all the risk and you enjoy a substantial return on your investment.

Skilled & Expert Staff. The training and development of our Contract Staff is continually evolving, keeping up to date with the rapid change in their specialist areas.

Ramp Up/Ramp Down. Fast start up and wind down to accommodate the needs of your business can be provided with ease.

Cut Administration. The need for employee administration is almost eliminated, as Nobox look after all the necessary HR and Payroll functions.

Contract Staff can provide significant and tangible benefits to employers. There has been a rapid growth in the number of companies using Contract Staff in recent years, reflecting the transition to project based, “always on”, 7 days a week economy.

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