Ancillary Products

Candidate Background Checks. Our team are highly experienced in carrying out candidate background checks and also Nobox can provide full criminal history checks.

Employee Security I.D. This service includes a thorough employment background check, international criminal check and location confirmation check. We then issue the physical security I.D. card.

Staff Uniforms & Products. Full employee uniforms, or individual uniform products such as branded goods, shoes, folders etc., are just a few of the products that our team have sourced (at great prices) in the past.

Branded Gifts & Products. We design, source and deliver many corporate products for internal use, or for corporate gifts. Our team also take care of all delivery logistics.

Over the years, when providing HR Outsourcing Solutions to our clients, we have received regular requests to source items as diverse as staff uniforms to airline inflight gift items, all in large volumes at the best price possible. We are also experts at candidate background checks and providing a full service for company security I.D.’s.

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